League Play

For years, baseball facilities in the colder states have used indoor hitting leagues to keep kids engaged and keep some of the competitive nature of the game during the Winter season. For the first time,  indoor hitting leagues at Regal Athletic are played on the first and only baseball simulator, the HitTrax. The HitTrax is a powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never been seen before.

You now have the opportunity to play real baseball games indoors, have a lot of fun with your family and friends, and finally start to understand your numbers. Understanding your numbers gives you an opportunity to improve. Improving upon your numbers and participating in this league play gives you have an opportunity to be in the Perfect Game database, which is the world leader in amateur baseball scouting. This alone is an opportunity most players do not get. You also get to compare your skill sets with other players all across the country, as well a play against them.

Join us for all the fun this Winter, as well as create an opportunity for yourself to display your performance and numbers in front of college and professional scouts.

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