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Regal Athletic is proud to partner with Zepp to introduce the new industry standard for swing training and testing. Regal Athletic will be using the Zepp sensor to improve the swing ability of every player who chooses to participate in our Zepp Hitter Program. Zepp Hitting Metrics will also be used to evaluate swing mechanics and identify areas of strength and improvement for each player. To learn more and start testing your own swing, read the FAQs below. 

What is Zepp?
Zepp is a sports technology and data science company that is committed to helping players and coaches at all levels analyze and improve on-field performance. To learn more about the Zepp multi-sport sensor and Zepp Baseball app, go here

What is the Zepp Hitting Test?
Regal Athletic uses a standardized hitting test to evaluate and rank every player’s swing ability. Watch the video below featuring All-Star Hunter Pence to learn how to set up and take the Zepp Hitting Test. 

Please note: Regal Athletic requires every high school player to swing a 32in/29oz bat during the Zepp Hitting Test. Read on to learn why. 

Why are players required to use a specific bat size when taking the Zepp Hitting Test?
Bat length and weight affect speed and time-based metrics. For example, bat speed of 90mph is more impressive with a heavier bat than a lighter bat. To create an apples-to-apples comparison of every player’s physical swing ability, Regal Athletic high school participants are required to swing the same size bat when taking the Zepp Hitting Test. Contact quality does not affect metric scores, so players should not be concerned about swinging a different size bat than they are used to. Players are only required to use a specific bat during the Zepp Hitting Test and will be able to use any regulation bat during batting practice and games. 

Zepp Hitting Test—Bat Size Chart

Age                    Bat Size

College             33in / 30oz

High School   32in / 29oz

14U                     32in / 27oz

12U                     31in / 23oz

10U                     29in / 19oz

What are the Zepp Hitting Metrics and why are they important?
Regal Athletic currently captures and reports three Zepp Hitting Metrics: 1) Bat Speed at Impact, 2) Hand Speed Max and 3) Time to Impact. Bat Speed at Impact measures the velocity of the bat barrel when contact is made. Bat Speed and Hand Speed are both indicators of power potential. Time to Impact measures the length of time between the trigger (forward swing movement) and contact. It’s an indicator of how short, quick, and efficient your swing is. The quicker your swing time, the longer you can wait to swing, which gives you more time to see the ball and accurately recognize pitch type and location. 

How do Zepp Hitting Metrics relate to ball exit speed?
Bat Speed = Power = Ball Exit Speed = Higher Batting Average on Balls in Play

Zepp’s Bat Speed at Impact metric measures bat barrel velocity at contact. Ball exit speed measures the top ball velocity after contact (i.e. how hard you can hit the ball). If you improve your bat speed at impact, you will improve your potential to hit the ball harder, put more pressure on defenses and have a higher batting average on balls in play (BABIP). Hitting the ball harder has been proven to increase BABIP. 

How do I rank vs. pro players?
Below are Zepp Hitting Metrics captured during live batting practice sessions with some of the best hitters in the game. 

Pro Player                    Bat Size                 Bat Speed Hand Speed      Time to Impact

Mike Trout                   33.5 in / 31.5 oz       99 mph           36 mph                      .140

Giancarlo Stanton    34 in / 32 oz             96 mph           34 mph                      .110

David Ortiz                  34.5 in / 33 oz          94 mph           32 mph                      .124

Hunter Pence             34.5 in / 32.5 oz     106 mph            45 mph                     .100

Jose Altuve                  33 in / 30 oz             86 mph            32 mph                      .144

Josh Donaldson         34.5 in / 32.5 oz      98 mph             38 mph                     .108

Anthony Rizzo           34.5 in / 32 oz          95 mph             36 mph                     .102

George Springer        34 in / 31 oz              97 mph             35 mph                     .130

Wil Myers                     34 in / 32 oz             91 mph              34 mph                     .136

Who is using Zepp?
Players, coaches and scouts at all levels use Zepp to make them better at what they do. MLB teams use Zepp as a player development and scouting tool and also enlist their analytics teams to mine Zepp data for insights about players. Zepp also works with top college programs and premier baseball academies like Regal Athletic to develop new swing evaluation methods and hitting test standards. Zepp’s pro users include Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, David Ortiz, Hunter Pence, Jose Altuve, Josh Donaldson, Anthony Rizzo, George Springer, Wil Myers and many more. Chicago Cubs Hitting Coach John Mallee is also a Zepp expert and ambassador. 

Watch how the pros are using Zepp > 

How are Zepp Hitting Metrics being used by coaches and scouts?
When it comes to scouting and player evaluation, the Zepp 3D sensor replaces guesswork and opinion with data. Instead of noting that a hitter has a quick bat or showed good bat speed, coaches and scouts may now use on Zepp to validate what they observe on the field and more accurately compare each player’s swing ability and mechanics. Coaches are using Zepp to help make decisions on roster spots and scholarships. Scouts are using Zepp to help teams make smarter draft selections. 

Beyond scouting and player evaluation, coaches are using Zepp to help identify and address holes in each player’s swing and track improvement over time. To learn more about coaching with Zepp, visit the Zepp Coaches Center

How can I use the Zepp Hitting Metrics to analyze and improve my swing?
Zepp give you instant feedback on your swing. It helps identify your strengths and weaknesses, gives your personalized tips, drills and instruction and allows you to see how you stack up against your peers and MLB pros. Zepp also offers free video analysis tools and the ability to compare your swing mechanics to the best players in the game from different angles. To get started, visit the links below: 

Download free Zepp Baseball app >
Visit Zepp Training Center >
Visit Zepp Coaches Center >

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